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Colour changing lamps in planters

Whether your property is large or small, traditional or modern, good lighting design can help transform your home or business at the flick of a switch. Norcroft Energy professionally installs kitchen and bathroom lighting, garden lights, outside lighting and security lights at Domestic and Commercial properties.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are tiny light bulbs and unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, they don’t have a filament that will burn out and they will not get especially hot. Energy consumption is much lower and the life span of an LED surpasses the short life of an incandescent bulb by thousands of hours. Also, it is said that the quality or colour of the light from LED is preferable to old filament bulbs, it is a ‘cleaner, whiter’ light plus it’s possible to have coloured versions to add different moods and atmosphere to a room. Installing LED lighting is an easy step towards saving money on energy bills – they will pay for themselves several times over before they need replacing. For a more detailed chat to understand how LED lighting could suit your needs, today. We have a large range of samples for you to see.

Why consider LED Lighting?

    • Save money on your electricity bills
    • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
    • Bright, natural and quality lighting
    • Robust – lasting longer than any other lighting technology and reducing maintenance costs
    • Improved Health & Safety – less heat so reduced fire risk
    • Easy step towards saving money on energy bills – they will pay for themselves several times over before they need replacing
    • Lamp Warranty – minimum 5 years
    • Can sometimes be retrofitted – ask us!


Important points to consider when finding a quality LED product are: Lumen output, Wattage, Kelvin and the Heat management within the unit. To understand these more and start saving money on your electricity bills contact us.

Domestic Lighting

Kitchen & dining lighting

Lots of light is required in the kitchen. Under unit lighting is important to cast efficient light over work surfaces and ensure you can prepare food safely. A good ambient light is also nice. Downlighters in the ceiling create a glare free effect while remaining functional, but it’s important that each spotlight is fitted properly with a fire hood. Pendants aren’t best suited to kitchens as they attract grease and dust.

Bathroom, pool & spa lighting

There are very specific obstacles to overcome in the lighting designs in bathrooms and en-suites. These are zoned with different levels of protection applicable to each area. For makeup applications and shaving its best to have bright direct light, but if you want to take a relaxing soak in the tub you may only want background light. This can be achieved by installing separate lights on different switches or dimming the lights. Light wall switches must be located outside the bathroom.

Exterior & garden lighting

Exterior and garden lighting can add a different dimension to your home and garden. Whether you’re looking to enhance garden features and plants or add ambiance to alfresco dining, there are different lighting solutions to bring your garden to life. Outdoor garden lighting requires expert knowledge to ensure all cables and electrics are weather protected and not exposed to water, damp or humidity. We know how to install outdoor lighting safely and keep cables, transformers and controllers out of site for a more attractive finish.

Security lighting

The most popular outdoor lighting is security lighting. Security lights, strategically positioned, can help deter unwanted visitors. Lights with a movement sensor can also provide you with the temporary light you need when returning home late at night, illuminating your path so you can see where you’re going.

Commercial Lighting

As well as appearance, office lighting can have an impact on the way people work. Whether in an office, warehouse or retail environment, poor lighting can result in employees becoming tired and less productive.

LED lights provide brighter, natural quality lighting which lasts longer and helps reduce office overheads. There are several office lighting options available such as LED tube lights, and LED panel lights.

Please contact us for more information.

General tips for lighting your property

  • Bright light is not always good light
  • Different effects are produced when light is reflected by surfaces, so consider this when you are deciding where to situate lights
  • Direct lights are best for reading or working
  • Lights can also be used to highlight features such as paintings or objects and help add atmosphere to a room
  • For multi functional rooms it’s useful to install a dimmer switch so you have the option of more light for reading or working and lower light levels for relaxing
  • Incandescent bulbs give off warmer colours and will help achieve a cosy atmosphere, while fluorescent light bulbs will offer a cooler but more efficient light for utility rooms
  • Dark coloured rooms absorb more light, so additional light will be needed, where as lighter colours reflect more light
  • If you have a feature wall or coloured surface, you can illuminate it with lighting to add colour
  • LED lighting is more energy efficient and can help you save money on your electricity bills.

Norcroft Energy can visit your property and recommend the most suitable lighting to help you achieve the results you're looking for. For more information or to arrange a site visit, call us on 01226 763 127.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of my lights have dimmer switches. Can I fit them with LED lamps?
Yes, there are many dimmable retrofit LED lamps and newly installed LED lights available. This will be marked on the product specification. Some LED lamps will not have the electronics included to make the lamp dimmable. It is always best to sample an LED to make sure it works well with your existing system before purchasing a large amount.

Do energy saving light bulbs take a long time to light up?
Originally compact fluorescent lamps did but these have now been superseded by LED units which provide instant, bright light.

Can LED lamps be used outside?
Yes, some are designed to be in water proof fittings.

Do they contain any mercury or harmful chemicals as other energy saving lamps?
No, LEDs do not contain any harmful mercury, hazardous substances or chemicals unlike compact fluorescent lamps and tubes. When disposing of a broken LED special disposal procedures do not need to be followed.


“We wanted to offer an electric car charging point for our employees onsite. Philip and his team were knowledgeable and efficient when offering advice about the options available. Following how pleased we were with the initial work Norcroft carried out for us, we then asked Philip to recommend a solution to our warehouse lighting. He suggested installing low energy consuming LED lighting, which sounded like a great idea – we keep the brightness required to work whilst also reducing the power consumption. We are extremely pleased with the work carried out by Philip and the Norcroft Energy team.”

Rubicon Ltd, Business Owner, Rubicon Ltd

“Working with Norcroft has been a very positive experience. They replaced all our old lighting in the workshop area. We have had feedback from our engineers in the workshop to say the LED lighting is a vast improvement and they are finding it much easier to work in. The added bonus is that we are noticing a reduction in costs and energy consumption.”

Vantage Honda Barnsley

“We are extremely pleased with the work Norcroft have undertaken for us – it was trouble-free and completed to a high standard and nothing has been too much trouble for them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Norcroft Energy to anyone considering this step.”

Mr & Mrs Scott, Homeowner, Sheffield

“Norcroft Energy came to advise us at our request and the advice given was first rate. The work was recommended by Norcroft Energy as an energy saving means. They installed 23 LED 5 watt lamps and a voltage optimisation system. The club saved £847 on electricity bills in the first year.”

Stephen Ernest Brown, Cawthorne Club