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Store the unused energy you generate during the day and use it at night

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Customers are looking at ways to reap extra returns from their PV System. The obvious answer, for both existing system owners, and for new customers, is maximise self-consumption. A large portion of the energy generated by a typical PV system will be exported to the grid and there is increasing demand for solutions to enable better use of this energy through the use of battery storage. Battery storage enables excess generation to be stored for use later in the evening or on dull days when consumption is higher than generation. As electricity prices rise battery storage will become more and more cost effective. Some systems can also provide backup power in the event of grid failure.

We offer several battery Storage Solutions to suit different budgets and requirements.

Types of storage solutions

Hybrid Coupled Battery Storage

  • The inverter runs the solar system and the batteries.
  • Solar power is stored so it can be used at night or when solar generation is low.
  • In the event of a power cut, the power backed up in the batteries can continue to provide some power for your property. The amount of power available is variable dependant on the type and manufacturer of the battery.


AC Coupled Battery Storage

  • AC coupled system can be installed as a standalone system or a retrofit, working in harmony with a solar system if desired.
  • In the event of a power cut, the power backed up in the batteries can continue to provide some power for your property. The amount of power available is variable dependant on the type and manufacturer of the battery.


Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Installing a battery will allow you to monitor, optimise and manage exactly how you use the power you have generated. Solar battery storage can be designed to offer a unique feature that enables it to supply backup power in the event of a grid failure, giving you even greater independence from the grid.

Some of the products we offer include – Tesla, GivEnergy, and Solar Edge.

Tesla Powerwall 

The Tesla Powerwall can be used as a battery storage system with or without solar.

When Powerwall is installed without solar, it charges from the grid to power your home during grid outages, to save you money on your electricity bill using the Time-Based Control mode.

Powerwall functions as an energy-storing battery that also identifies outages, transitioning to power your home during grid failures. Unlike traditional generators, Powerwall operates silently without the need for maintenance, fuel, or generating noise. When combined with solar energy, it can be replenished using sunlight, ensuring continuous operation of your appliances for extended periods.

Find out more about the Tesla Powerwall

Enquire about a Tesla Powerwall for your property


GivEnergy provides a range of battery storage systems which can operate with or without solar, or any other renewable energy source.

The range of systems offer flexibility, so that whatever your home or business setup, there is a solution which can help you maximise your energy usage.

GivEnergy systems store up free energy from your renewables, or they utilise the grid to charge your battery overnight when energy costs are low.

Find out more about GivEnergy battery storage systems

Enquire about a GivEnergy system for your property

Solar Edge 

Solar Edge offers highly efficient DC-coupled batteries which store excess solar energy, to be used for powering your home when rates are high or at night.

When installed with the Solar Edge Backup Interface, the battery system can provide reliable backup power during grid outages. Solar Edge systems are unique in that each panel is optimised to its full potential in what it generates. Therefore making it excellent at reducing power loss in situations where shading may be an issue. All optimisers come with a 25 year warranty.

Find out more about Solar Edge products

Enquire about a Solar Edge System for your property

BYD Batteries 

BYD Batteries, renowned for their reliability and longevity.

With a proven track record, these batteries seamlessly integrate with SMA and Fronius inverters for optimal performance. Their modular design offers flexible storage sizing and effortless expansion over time, ensuring adaptability to your changing energy needs.

Installation is straightforward, making them a hassle-free choice for residential and commercial applications. Engineered with safety as a top priority, BYD Batteries provide peace of mind for emergency backup and off-grid scenarios.

Enquire about a BYD Battery system for your property 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a battery storage system save me money?

The economic viability of implementing a battery system hinges on various factors:

  • Installation expenses
  • System type (DC or AC, battery chemistry, connections)
  • Usage patterns, including the efficacy of control algorithms
  • Electricity pricing dynamics over the system’s lifespan
  • Battery durability

Many battery systems come with a decade-long warranty and entail minimal upkeep, primarily incurring upfront installation costs. However, considering solar PV panels’ potential lifespan of 25 years or more, it’s prudent to account for at least one battery replacement in the overall expenditure.

While initial battery acquisition costs may be high, they are steadily decreasing alongside solar panel prices. Moreover, with electricity rates currently at unprecedented levels, the time it takes for the investment to pay off is shortening.

Certain battery storage providers extend financial incentives, such as payments or reduced tariffs, for offering grid-related services (e.g., storing surplus grid electricity).

Although precise cost and savings calculations for home-energy storage systems are pending testing, it’s crucial to factor in variables like time-of-use tariffs and self-consumption if generating electricity autonomously.

Is a battery Storage System Easy to install?

The system is easy to install and normally only takes a day.

How long will the solar battery last?

The battery will need replacing at least once in the lifetime of the PV panels.

Will using battery storage affect my FIT payments?

If you have an old feed-in tariff (FIT) contract, swapping the existing inverter for a hybrid system could affect your payments. We usually recommend installing a standalone AC coupled battery system so this would run independently to your existing FIT system, not effecting your FIT payments. Check the electricity tariff you sign up to. Compare rates to find the best for you – but check that you’re eligible if you have storage installed.

What factors Influence the cost of storage?

The cost of battery storage reflects the complexity of storing the energy. The electrical energy is converted to another form of energy and then back to electricity when required. It follows a cycle of charge, store, discharge.

Where can I install a solar battery?

The battery can be installed in an indoor storage area with adequate ventilation, a garage or externally. Ideally it should be situated close to your electricity distribution board.