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If you have an immersion heater, you can now save even more on your electricity bills with Solar Switch technology.

What is an Automatic Solar Switch?

The unit automatically diverts the excess power generated from your solar PV panels, that is not being used in your property, to your immersion heater to heat your water. The unit is wired between the existing immersion heater and the immersion switch. The unit intelligently controls and adjusts the flow of energy to the immersion heater according to the amount of excess power available. This is done via a transmitter installed near to the mains unit which clamps onto the mains unit cable. For example, if the load in the property increases (eg the washer is turned on) the unit will reduce the amount of power sent to heat the water. There’s no need to change the immersion heater as this technology works with any normal immersion rated up to 3kW. The unit is easily installed by a qualified electrician without the need for any plumbing alterations.

Why install an Automatic Solar Switch?

  • Free hot water from existing PV panels
  • Cuts the cost of heating hot water
  • Reduces the use of your boiler – extending its life expectency
  • ROI just 2-5 years depending on cost of fuel currently used to heat your water
  • Simple and quick to install to your immersion heater
  • Savings from £100-250 a year
  • Continue to receive your Solar PV export tariff


Save £s on your electricity bill

For a typical property with a PV array generating a 2kW surplus, you need just 2.5 hours to raise the temperature of a 100 litre tank from 20 degrees to 60 degrees. Based on current average energy prices* that’s a saving, predominantly through the summer months, of up to £250 a year!

Save even more on your electricity bills. For more information on the Automatic Solar Switch, please call us on 01226 763 127.

*Based on energy prices as at Feb 2014.

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“The solar iboost has kicked in now and the excess electricity from our solar panels has heated our water. We’ve not had the gas water heater on for 2 weeks now we are into May! As we are on LPG and not mains gas the savings are actually around double what grid connected properties would gain.”

Jeremy Power, Homeowner, Penistone

“Norcroft Energy installed our solar panels in November 2015. We chose a reliable local company with a proven track record and we have been very pleased with all aspects of their work, from the initial survey and installation through to after sales service. Our solar panels are now generating energy and feed in tariff payments with the added bonus that since April we’ve been able to switch off our gas water heating as the automatic solar switch is providing plenty of hot water.”

Mr & Mrs Crawford, Homeowner, Barnsley