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Our experience with schools means we understand that a key criteria is value for money. With schools managing their own budgets, any money has to be spent wisely. We can advise on initiatives that can deliver the best value and in many cases reduce a schools outgoings. We are fully CRB checked and offer flexible evening and weekend working hours to fit around the busy school day.

General electrical

An example of how we can help make the latest technology work well in a school environment is Occupancy Sensors. They can be a simple & effective way of reducing power, automatically turning lights off when the room is not occupied. It’s surprising how much wasted money this can save. It’s just one of the ways we can help a school be more environmentally friendly and cut costs. We find that regular 5 year inspections are a sensible way to build up a profile of a school building. It means we are able to get to know a property. In the long term it means fewer problems for the school and a safer environment for staff and pupils. It’s something insurance companies like to see done regularly and means we can see long term patterns of any deterioration with the electrics. If things start to change we can spot an issue long before it becomes a major problem keeping costs down and giving you peace of mind.
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LED Lighting

This can be another effective way to reduce a school’s energy bill. LED lighting can significantly lower energy consumptions without losing lighting output. And the long term reliability and excellent product warranties mean less property maintenance hassles. This can even have a positive impact on Health & Safety as it means fewer occasions when bulbs need changing requiring workmen, ladders and disruption to the school day. There are lots of options available to suit a wide range of school buildings, so get in-touch and we can offer the best advice for your needs and show you a range of quality samples.
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Solar PV

With the space to accommodate multiple solar panels, this technology can be a good fit for many schools. A school can benefit in four ways from Solar PV technology. Firstly they generate their own power - a big consideration with energy prices continuing to increase. Secondly, they can make a profit with their Feed in Tariff; thirdly they can make more profit on the Export Tariff. And in addition the real-time monitoring of the power being generated can be a great ongoing educational tool, helping to bring to life the whole subject of renewable technology and global energy issues. Read more about this in our solar pv feed-in tariff section.
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Voltage Optimisation

This can be a huge benefit to schools. Electrical equipment can suffer from fluctuations in voltage supply and this can lead to machines failing or running inefficiently. We can provide a solution by installing the necessary equipment to optimise conditions. The result is increased peace of mind and reducing costs on replacement equipment.
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PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing is another important way to help ensure your school is a safe environment for staff and children. The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. Norcroft offer dedicated PAT engineers (C&G 2377 & 2381 qualified) to provide a hassle-free service, from managing the testing programme to carrying out the works, through to producing the test reports. We also recommend you do your own visual checks at regular intervals and record them to meet the Code of Practice guidelines.
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“Norcroft have carried out a number of jobs for us. The work was carried out to high standard and competitively priced. Flexibility in fitting work in around our School day was very helpful and we would be happy to recommend them.”

Janet Conway, School Business Manager, Kexborough Primary School, Barnsley