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There are many ways that we can help Landlords and Property Owners to save money, improve safety and increase profits. We have lots of experience at providing general electrical work and installing solar PV for client’s in this sector. Some of the key areas we cover are listed below. We also have landlord packages to offer landlords & tenants peace of mind in the knowledge that their property’s electrics are in safe hands.

Landlord packages


The Premium Package Contract is subject to the Premium Package and any remedial works being carried out first. The package contract can be tailored to each individual property to suit your requirements and will be quoted accordingly. Maybe you’d like us to include another repeat inspection in the contract in case there is a change of tenancy? Please contact Norcroft on 01226 763127 to discuss your requirements.

Electrical Inspection & Testing

We like to get to know a property. In the long term it means fewer problems for the landlord or property owner and a safer environment for tenants. We recommend that inspections are carried out every 5 years on a property or when there’s a change of tenancy as this is the ideal time to do any maintenance or repair work. It’s something insurance companies like to see done regularly and means we can see long term patterns of any deterioration with the electrics. If things start to change we can spot an issue long before it becomes a major problem keeping costs down and giving you peace of mind.
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Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

As experienced electricians we’re perfectly placed to provide all the maintenance and repair work needed on any property. From a quick repair to a full property rewire, we’ll do a first class job with the minimum fuss and disruption to landlords and tenants.
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LED Lighting

Want to reduce energy costs on your properties? LED lighting can lower energy consumptions without losing lighting output. This can be a big benefit to you and your tenants. Plus the long term reliability and excellent product warranties mean less property maintenance hassles. There’s lots of options available so get in-touch and we can offer the best advice and show you a range of quality samples.
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Solar PV

We find that Landlords and Property Owners can benefit in three ways from Solar PV. First they have the reliability of generating their very own power - a big selling point when letting a property. Secondly, they can make a profit with their Feed in Tariff, and thirdly they can make more profit on the Export Tariff. Read more about this in our solar pv feed-in tariff section.
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Voltage Optimisation

This is something that many landlords don’t initially consider but then find it to be a huge benefit. It’s surprising how many properties suffer from fluctuations in voltage supply and this can lead to appliances failing or running inefficiently. We can install the necessary equipment to prevent this, giving you and your tenants increased peace of mind and financial savings.
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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

From 1st October 2015, new regulations require Landlords in England to install carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms for tenanted properties, or face a £5,000 civil penalty. We can hard wire Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms at your property and ensure you are fully compliant with the new legislation. Whilst the alarms should be checked regularly, they shouldn’t need replacing for 10 years.
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PAT Testing

You want to know that your properties are safe for your tenants. Portable appliance testing (or PAT testing) is an important part of that. The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. We offer dedicated PAT engineers (C&G 2377 & 2381 qualified) who work closely with you and your tenants to provide a hassle-free service, from managing the testing programme to carrying out the works, through to producing the test reports. We also recommend you do your own visual checks at regular intervals and record them to meet the Code of Practice guidelines.
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“Norcroft Energy have carried out Electrical Safety Inspections across the Estate on tenanted farms and cottages for approximately 6 years. They have alerted us to potential installation problems and have dealt with them in a prompt and professional manner and show courtesy and flexibility to tenants when arranging access for remedial works to be carried out. The administration is carried out with great efficiency and all certificates are received promptly. When an estimate has been accepted, the work is carried out exactly to that specification and cost; should any additional work be identified we are informed immediately for authorisation.”

Savile Estate

We have used Norcroft for several years and not once have they ever let us down, they are reliable trustworthy and their prices are very competitive. We always recommend Norcroft to our landlords and our friends.”

Dawn Johnson, Boulton & Harrison Estate Agents, Pontefract

“As letting Agents, we have employed Norcroft for a number of years, to inspect, upgrade and replace electrical installations, and have always found them to be reliable, efficient and trustworthy. We are always happy to recommend their services to our Clients, and are delighted to be able to offer this testimonial.”

Paul Simpson, Wm Denton & Son Letting Agents, Leeds