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Client: Vantage Honda Barnsley
Skill: Lighting

We replaced tired factory lighting with new LED lighting units. In a factory environment, good lighting is imperative. The LED lights installed replaced 12 tired metal halide fittings that consume 400 watts of power each and give 9000 lumens of light. The new LED unit consumes 160 watts of power and have an output of 21,000 lumens. These fittings will not only be at least twice as bright but cost less than half to run and will outlast any other product available on the market.

“Working with Norcroft has been a very positive experience. They replaced all our old lighting in the workshop area. We have had feedback from our engineers in the workshop to say the LED lighting is a vast improvement and they are finding it much easier to work in. The added bonus is that we are noticing a reduction in costs and energy consumption.” Vantage Honda Barnsley