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Maximising Energy Efficiency with Norcroft Energy

At Norcroft Energy, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch renewable energy solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a client in Sheffield to install a comprehensive renewable energy system, here’s how the system is performing.

Project Overview

Following a discussion to identify our client’s needs we installed a system comprised 6.84 kW of solar panels paired with a 5 kW Hybrid Givenergy Inverter, a Givenergy 8.2 kWh Battery, and an Eddi Solar Diverter.

Exceeding Expectations

One of the most satisfying aspects of this project was seeing the system surpass our initial predictions. While we anticipated an annual production yield of 5371 kWh, the system actually generated an impressive 5964 kWh. Similarly, our estimated feedback to the grid stood at 2507 kWh, but the system exceeded expectations, delivering 2607 kWh. This close alignment between projected and actual performance highlights the accuracy of our prediction tools, and offers us confidence when recommending these products to our customers.

Unforeseen Benefits

In addition to meeting energy production targets, our client enjoyed unforeseen benefits that further enhanced the system’s value. The utilisation of the Eddi Solar Diverter led to significant savings on gas consumption, particularly during the warmer months when it efficiently heated the hot water tank. Moreover, by opting for counter top induction hobs, our client eliminated the need for the gas hob altogether, resulting in additional cost savings on gas usage.

Reliable Emergency Power Supply

The reliability of the Givenergy system was put to the test during adverse weather conditions when a power cut occurred due to high winds. Thanks to the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) feature, the system seamlessly kicked in, ensuring power supply to essential appliances such as lights and gas central heating. This demonstration of reliability underscores the importance of investing in robust renewable energy solutions equipped to handle unexpected situations.

How much was saved?

Ultimately, the success of any renewable energy project is measured not only by its environmental impact but also by the tangible cost savings it delivers. In this case, our client estimates savings of approximately £1,350 on electricity and gas imports, based on current prices. This significant reduction in utility expenses underscores the financial viability of investing in renewable energy solutions tailored to individual energy needs.

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