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One of our clients wanted their home to rely more on renewable energy. Here’s how we worked with them to install the right system to suit their requirements.

The situation

Our client, Kirsty from Barnsley, wanted a new renewable energy system for her home and she had heard some great reviews about Norcroft Energy so decided to speak to the team about possible systems and quotes for the installation.

The solution

After chatting with Kirsty about her requirements, we suggested a 4.68kW Solar PV System would be the most appropriate. We installed this using black panels with a 3.6kW GivEnergy hybrid inverter & 9.5kW battery.

The impact

The system has been working really well for Kirsty and over the last year she has saved a lot of money on her energy. Their consumption for the past year was 3,900kW of which nearly 3,000kW has come from the solar panels and battery. Overall the system has saved £1,000 so far plus £200 back for the exported electricity through the Summer months April to October with no bills to pay during this time!

In conclusion

In Kirsty’s words “The information and advice we received prior to install was great. The proposal we received was clear, easy to understand and in-depth. Any questions we had were addressed promptly which made things much easier.

From the moment of enquiry to the installation and after-care have been faultless, we would have no reservations in recommending Norcroft Energy to anyone.”

If you’d like to discuss the most appropriate renewable energy system for your home or business, get in touch on 01226 763127.