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Store the unused energy you generate during the day and use it at night

Customers are looking at ways to reap extra returns from their PV System. The obvious answer, for both existing system owners, and for new customers, is maximise self-consumption.

It’s not easy or practical to ensure that you use energy exactly as it is being generated so the answer is to store any excess electricity in batteries so you can use the power in the evening or on dull days.

At Norcroft Energy we support our clients with battery storage systems, including the SolarEdge home storage and backup. 

Why a Solar Edge system? 

The highly efficient DC-coupled batteries store excess solar energy for powering your  home when rates are high or at night. When installed with the Solar Edge Backup Interface, they can provide reliable backup power during grid outages.

Monitoring and Control 

The power is in your hands with mySolarEdge the app from Solar Edge.

View your system’s performance and energy consumption with real-time power flow illustrations, comparative graphs, and easy-to-read charts.

Change your battery settings, schedule EV Charging, prioritise critical loads, and more all from the palm of your hand.

Monitor how your home consumes energy so that you can shift your consumption to times when solar energy is available or when grid rates are lowest.

Read more about the Solar Edge system and how it can benefit your energy consumption. 

Interested in a SolarEdge system?

Our team can advise and install your SolarEdge system. Get in touch with the team today to discuss a SolarEdge system for your home.

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“The solar iboost has kicked in now and the excess electricity from our solar panels has heated our water. We’ve not had the gas water heater on for 2 weeks now we are into May! As we are on LPG and not mains gas the savings are actually around double what grid connected properties would gain.”

Jeremy Power, Homeowner, Penistone

“Norcroft Energy installed our solar panels in November 2015. We chose a reliable local company with a proven track record and we have been very pleased with all aspects of their work, from the initial survey and installation through to after sales service. Our solar panels are now generating energy and feed in tariff payments with the added bonus that since April we’ve been able to switch off our gas water heating as the automatic solar switch is providing plenty of hot water.”

Mr & Mrs Crawford, Homeowner, Barnsley