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Smart meter rollout’s deadline has been delayed by 4 years

The rollout for smart meters in every home has been pushed back to 2024 from the original deadline of 2020 due to a lack of available technology. Consumer group citizens advice has been calling for the deadline to be extended in the best interests of the customers so technical...

Philip’s product of the month – PIR and Microwave Sensors for Energy Efficient Lighting

Ever feel like you’ve been left in the dark? Why not consider energy efficient lighting to lead your way? In today’s blog we’ll explore how automatic lighting can improve energy efficiency within your home or commercial environment. PIR or a Passive Infrared sensor is an...

Top tips on achieving a better EPC rating

An Energy Performance Certificate known as an EPC. Encourages properties to consider the amount of energy used in their property. Energy efficiency ratings are provided for all buildings and buildings are rated from A to G with A being with the most efficient and G being the...

Philip’s Top Tips to reduce energy

How much could you save in 2017? Last month, The Telegraph reported an expected 5 percent rise in energy prices in 2017. With this in mind, perhaps now is a good time to review your energy usage and trim the fat off your bills. Here are my Top Tips… Confident with your...

Choose your contractors with care

You take a positive step and decide to look into renewable technologies for your home. You begin your research and start looking for local contractors to provide a quote. But how do you know they’re any good? Sense will tell you to ask friends and family for recommendations...
Phips top tips to save energy

7 top tips to save energy

Energy suppliers British Gas, Npower, SSE and Scottish Power have all announced 8%-10% average increases, and the rest are likely to follow suit. In our blog Electricity prices are on the rise, we discuss two key ways you can stop these ever increasing bills – 1. Find the best...